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    First Beats
    • $60/package

    • 30 minute studio time
    • From 8-20 weeks
    • 2D with 3D preview
    • CD loaded with video and images
    • 2-4 Black and White photos
    • 1 4″x6″ color photo
    • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat
    • Gender determination as early as 14+ weeks

    • $100/package

    • 45 minute studio time
    • From 20+ weeks
    • 2D, 3D, 4D
    • CD loaded with video and images
    • 8+ Black and White photos
    • 2 4″x6″ color photo
    • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat
    • Gender determination

    Other Upgrades

    • USB Flashdrive$20
    • Extra copies of CD$10
    • Heartbeat Stuffed Animals – $25

    Gift Certificates Available

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      High Resolution Ultrasound NYC (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan & More)

      Having a baby is one of the most memorable and incredible experiences a woman and her family will ever have. From carrying the baby to the actual birth there is never a dull moment. When having a baby we are all very meticulous to track the medical progression of the child through sonograms and doctor appointments. Although tracking the health of the child in-utero is absolutely critical nobody ever said that you cannot have a little fun. Did you know that you can see breathtaking 3D & 4D images of your child right here in NYC at the highest resolutions available in the market? Due to Nigina’s incredible pricing plans and top notch services our clients come to our Queens office from all over the five boroughs of New York City including Bronx, Brooklyn & Manhattan. We invite you to browse our pricing plans above and inquire about an unforgettable, meaningful and truly fun experience. We have over 100 verified and authentic reviews on Google. Our clients appreciate the the quality of our services so much that they simply get home and immediately leave us a great review. Every person that steps into Nigina’s warm studio compliments us on the length, quality and pricing of the ultrasound. If you would like to experience our award winning ultrasound service for yourself just call us now and schedule an appointment.

      3D-4D Ultrasound Studio Queens; Sonograms Near You:

      Our clients come to us for our high quality work, warm environment, and great pricing.

      We are located in Flushing and are a short ride from areas like Fresh Meadows, Woodside, Glendale, Middle Village, Jamaica Estates, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Rego Park, Jamaica, Jackson Heights and Briarwood NY.

      We invite you to check out our great pricing plans and to schedule an appointment for your sonogram today.