Cake Smash Baby Photo Shoot Session Nyc

Cake Smash Photography is your local baby photographer. Based in Queens, NY we are very near to Brooklyn, and a quick subway ride to Manhattan and Bronx. At your baby’s first birthday party, let us come and arrange all your photo sessions. Capturing the perfect moments on your baby’s face when they see the cake and start to dig their hands in. We specialize in being VERY kid-friendly and being able to help draw out the beautiful smiles and expressions. But the moment is not ours, we are only there to capture it for YOU, so let us come and handle everything, so you can simply enjoy your family and celebrate the cake smashing.


Cake smashing is a tradition to allow your baby on their first birthday so have a small cake all to themselves. Naturally, children of that age use their hands and quite quickly end up with cake around their mouth and on their hands. The aim of the photography session is to capture the laughter, smiles, and expressions of your child in these moments.
At least 2-4 weeks before your baby’s birthday. This will allow us to create a booking, discuss themes and props, and other relevant topics. The morning times are usually best to catch the young child with more energy and when a nap is not needed.
There are no restrictions on clothing. Just keep in mind it might be messy so something that looks cute but will be easy to take off in the end. Many parents choose to match the colors of the cake, props, and clothes.
A cake that is smaller about 5 inches in diameter and with soft icing and that can remain out of the refrigerator will work well. The cake should also be made of the specific flavor (ie chocolate or vanilla) that the child likes most.
If your child has never had sweets before it might be a good idea to do a practice run with a cupcake a few days in advance. Different children react differently to sweets.
Usually 1 hour to 1.5 hours including set up, and cleaning up. This gives the child time to get comfortable and not be nervous.