Who is Nigina?


    Hi everyone, my name is Nigina!


    I’m professionally ARDMS certified in OB/GYN and have been performing high risk obstetrics and gynecology for over 10 years. My work is my passion, and nothing makes my day quite like offering expecting parents a chance to witness the beauty and miracle of life that is a mother’s womb.


    As a mother of 4 beautiful girls, I know the blessings that children bring into our lives, and the ceaseless love that comes with them. It is such a gift to see parents unite with their children before they are born, and I am so happy to provide this service to all the parents who can’t wait to see their little one!


    Thanks to today’s technology, I am able to give my clients insight into the world of the unborn baby, where they lovably yawn, suck their thumbs, smile, and even do the baby dance! You won’t believe your eyes!


    We provide flexible hours and affordable packages for your convenience.

    Book your session today!


    Yours Truly,



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