Gender Reveal Party Room

Having a baby is a beautiful experience. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes it takes years of dreaming and planning and hoping. Sometimes it even takes medical intervention. When you finally get that positive pregnancy test, celebrating that new life is something most couples are excited to do. After the birth announcements, you and all of your friends and family are dying to know the next big question: Boy or girl? You can simply tell them after your ultrasound, or make it a little fun with a gender reveal parties. Gender reveal parties can be as simple as gathering a couple of friends together for the big announcement, or an extravagant affair.


$ 400
  • 2 hours of studio time
  • Choice of 36-inch balloon or confetti popper
  • Have up to 15 people join your party
  • We take care of the mess
  • Black & white photos from the party
  • 3 color photos
  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat
  • Your choice of 2 USB's
  • 2 small teddy bear of you choice

couple of things can Be done to Get gender reveal party services


Rent A Venue With An Ultrasound Machine In Ny

It’s hard to keep a secret. There’s nothing more soul crushing than giving your bakery a secret envelope from your ultrasound technician, with the special information not even you know, to have the bakery lady ruin the surprise by saying, “so that’s blue frosting you want right?” One option to avoid this is to reveal the gender to yourself—and everyone else—all at once by hiring an ultrasound machine to reveal the gender then and there. This can add a lot of excitement to the reveal, plus it keeps the surprise for everyone, including you!


Help With The Decorations And Food

When you’re pregnant, even the smallest tasks can feel arduous. Having a party is fun and exciting, but putting up endless decorations and cooking endless food, only to have the joy of cleaning them up afterwards, is not something most women want to undertake. Many party rentals can help you with this as well, renting the chairs and tables needed, helping with the décor, and hiring the appropriate catering. With their help, your work load will be down to the minimum, and you can focus on the more exciting parts of the process. Greeting your guests and hyping them up for the big moment is way more fun and exciting than wondering how you’ll bend over to get that fallen party favor.


Help With Clean Up

The hardest part of a party often comes after the guests have left. With the fun over, picking up all the trash can do a number on you. Many party services offer clean up as part of the service, helping to keep the party fun even after the guests are gone. Babies are precious, and a reason to celebrate. Having a gender reveal party is a lot of fun, and makes a wonderful memory you can tell your son or daughter about when they are a little older. Many kids are curious about their birth, and learning a little about their history in the form of a scrap book is intriguing for them and enjoyable for you.
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