A recent study, presenting a thorough evaluation of the 3D/4D Ultrasound Equipment market including Current Growth Factors, Future trend, facts, historical data, and more; by HTF Market Intelligence has demonstrated strong statistical support and validated industry market data. Considering how the market has been witnessing steady growth, a report providing projections is timely. Factors contributing to the estimated CAGR growth of 8.4% include a market powered by innovation and technological developments introducing user-friendly portable equipment that is compact and light-weight.  As a result of these developments, the market is welcoming ultrasound equipment with open arms.

A 3D ultrasound is created by combining a considerable number of 2D images into a data-set.  A 4D ultrasound, on the other hand, is more like real-time 3D ultrasound – where the patient is being scanned and the data-sets are being presented in real-time.  As technology and its capabilities continue to evolve, ultrasound has evolved into more than just an image of a fetus. It’s not just basic medical data that is being disclosed, critical fetal information is being revealed.  Due to a heightened public pressure for more advanced and customized diagnosis the market has pushed for safer, more cost-effective, and more efficient products to be put into the market.

The constant and consistent growth of the ultrasound equipment market can be attributed to two influential factors.  One, the propulsion of advancing medical technologies conveniently stem from one of the healthcare industries key players, diagnostic imaging which is constantly changing according to any advances made, allowing for consistent growth. Even hospitals as they begin to adopt ultrasound equipment have their place in contributing to the increased sales during the forecasted period due to such factors as:

Two, that the last thirty some odd years have seen exceptional developments in advanced and innovative technologies – computers, smartphones, etc. – resulting in the establishment of an industry segment dedicated to state-of-the-art medical devices. In order to provide a diverse assessment of tissue pathology stemming from varied spectral characteristics of the tissue, nearly all the major medical device companies have focused on developing real-time delivery of superior quality imaging data.  

With the rise of innovative technology, the market competition is constantly growing. In addition, the report also covered current and future growth on historical data from the last five years and market analysis of 3D/4D ultrasound equipment in four major regions:

  1. North AmericaDue to the highest number of diagnostic cases in 2018 coming from the US and Canada, they are leaders in usage. Due to innovative technologies and advancements in technology in such medical equipment, the health sector is widening its application owing to a growing aging population and the assortment of related health issues such as:

With the myriad of applications and sweeping presences of ultrasound devices, the North American region is a definite market leader. Resulting in attracting vendors thereby continuing growing and maintaining product existence in the market.

  1. EuropePositioned to be the second market leader in the industry, in 2018 Europe held over 25% of the market share. Continued acceptance and usage of advanced technologies, a higher pervasiveness of diseases and the growing numbers in the aging population have driven several advances in ultrasound equipment and technology in the European market.  Germany, France, Italy and the UK are among the leading countries in the European region.
  2. Asia PacificThe Asian Pacific region was dubbed with the fastest growth in ultrasound equipment in the 2018 world market.
  3.  Rest of the World (ROW)

As a result of the widespread usage and applications of ultrasound equipment, regional and more localized vendors offer specified product applications for various consumers.  

An increase in competition is abounding as technology continues to advance and products continue to be upgraded.  Leading manufactures, such as Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Phillips Healthcare, and a few others were leaders in the 2018 ultrasound device market. Globally, the market for ultrasound devices has huge growth potential in the developed regions as well as the underdeveloped regions.  Vendors are beginning to focus more and more on advancing ultrasound device technology in order to improve their dossier of available products, thus boosting competition in the market. Competitive market strategies are being implemented by a variety of manufacturers in the direction of developing and advancing current devices.  

The increased demand for ultrasound equipment and devices is clear, mostly as a result of beneficial facts like first-rate images, safety, ease of monitoring, proficient analysis of 3D imagery and combination with multi-imaging systems.  The HTF Market Intelligence report on 3D/4D ultrasound equipment allows those interested in having access to a ‘big picture’ of the current and future market potential making size and growth, market characteristics, segmentation, competitive outlook, regional division, trends, market strategies and shares within the market structure.

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