This question has been lingering on the minds of pregnant women looking to get their first scan. Ultrasound scans are done frequently, with almost no complaints of any form of radiation or side effects, but even the most neglected issue, regardless of its little impact, can still pose a threat in the future. We would be breaking down the mode of operation of ultrasound machines, determining its risk factors, if any, and highlight the necessary safety measures.

Method of Operation

Ultrasound utilizes a gadget known as a transducer to send high-frequency sound waves into the body. The sonographer will put the sensor on your skin for most exams. Sound waves discharged by the transducer reflect off of internal structures and are sent back to the ultrasound machine, hence delivering pictures of the region of intrigue. The sonographer will put a gel on your skin to improve the transmission of the sound waves.


The sound waves utilized in demonstrative ultrasound imaging produce no obvious health dangers of any sort and show no symptoms. Ultrasound doesn’t use X-rays or some other type of ionizing radiation, and it’s repeated safely and efficiently. What’s more, since ultrasound imaging is more affordable than other imaging modalities, it helps control health-care costs. Nonetheless, there are a couple of dangers you’re probably going to expose yourself to if you don’t take complete care.

By and large, Prenatal Ultrasound can be one of the most exciting stages of pregnancy. You get the chance to see your baby moving around, breathing, and see a heart-thumping. Numerous guardians check during the time until their next ultrasound, and most of them are not even mindful of the dangers that might be related to having an ultrasound.

Many are following the most current patterns, anxious to get the 3D ultrasounds every one of their friends has. Shrewd new baby boutiques and stores opening in the shopping center offer their pleasant bundles of 3D pictures. If they are this simple to get, it must be safe, isn’t that so?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

At the point of industrialization of pre-birth ultrasound in the 1970s, it was at first utilized late in pregnancy, when hazard factors were negligible. The prepared staff just used it, and the machines were, in every case, all well adjusted. Most moms didn’t get ultrasound by any stretch of the imagination, and the individuals who did regularly expected just a couple, for clinical reasons.

Nowadays, it’s regular for mothers to get 3 or 4 ultrasounds during their pregnancy. Numerous mothers are now stopping by ultrasound boutiques and completing scans for scrapbooks and baby books.

Vast numbers of these elective ultrasounds are not for clinical reasons; rather, they are for satisfaction, fun, and souvenirs. At the point when the objective of ultrasound is to get a high contrasted picture, the force levels might rise to a level that can be unsafe for your baby.

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