You can always rely on NYC to set interesting trends for the rest of the country. The Big Apple did it again and now these “Gender Reveal” parties are the new talk in town. Nigina Yusupov, a local 3D-4D entertainment ultrasound provider, was quoted as saying “in the last year we have had a significant uptick in gender reveal parties booked in our private party room”. She explained that locals love to get together for some good food and fun while finding out if the baby in question is male or female. It’s a sort of Baby Shower on steroids per se. Gender reveal parties have become a popular trend in recent years, with expectant parents excited to find out the gender of their baby and share the news with their friends and family. One way that many parents choose to reveal the gender is through the use of ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds are a type of medical imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. They are commonly used during pregnancy to monitor the health and development of the fetus. During an ultrasound, a healthcare provider will place a device called a transducer on the expectant mother’s abdomen, which sends and receives sound waves that bounce off the fetus and create an image on a screen.

While ultrasounds or sonograms can be used for various medical and diagnostic purposes, many parents opt to have a special ultrasound done for the purpose of finding out the gender of their baby. This is usually done at around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby’s gender is typically visible on the ultrasound.

There are a few different ways that parents can use the information from the ultrasound to reveal the gender of their baby at a gender reveal party. One popular method is to have the healthcare provider write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope, which is then given to the expectant parents. The parents can then choose to open the envelope and reveal the gender in front of their friends and family at the party, either by reading the information aloud or by using a visual clue such as a pink or blue balloon.

Another option is to have the healthcare provider send the ultrasound image to a bakery or other company that specializes in creating gender reveal cakes. These cakes typically have a neutral color on the outside, but when cut into, the inside is either pink or blue to reveal the gender.

Regardless of how the gender is revealed, gender reveal parties can be a fun and exciting way for expectant parents to share the news with their loved ones.


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