Recent years have witnessed the constant and consistent evolution of ultrasound technology, thanks mostly to the parallel development of technology in general paired with the needs and wants of expectant mothers.  Ultrasound equipment is not only providing healthcare professionals with much-needed information, but it also allows parents a peek at baby-to-be. Giving parents a chance to watch their baby develop with more and more accuracy.

3D/4D high definition ultrasounds give parents the opportunity to meet their unborn child in one of the broadest peek at their unborn baby they can get nowadays.  Ultimately providing an expectant family with the earliest possible photograph of their baby.

A 3D/4D ultrasound process is not so different from having a regular 2D ultrasound.  As outwardly similarly as they may appear to be, they do use levels of technology that differ from each other providing distinctly different images. A 3D ultrasound involves taking a multitude of pictures of the unborn baby simultaneously, which are then converted into 3D images that are just about as good as an “in the flesh” image.  These superior images provide access to such visuals as the baby’s skin to appearing much more lifelike, bestowing parents and healthcare professionals with a virtually unimpeded image of the baby’s face and distinct features in-utero.

Since a high quality 3D/4D ultrasound image entails taking numerous sliver images in rapid succession called “volume of echoes” it allows for the 3D feel of the images. A computer then provides shading and can be viewed on screen in a clear 3D image.  This provides a relatively clear 3D image of a baby – including internal organs, height, width and depth of the baby.

To an expectant mother, an ultrasound can be quite an amazing experience – the more accurate and clear the image, the better.  Viewing their tiny fingers and toes, having an opportunity to reveal the unborn baby’s gender with added accuracy, can be quite a breathtaking opportunity.  In fact, gender reveals ultrasounds using 3D/4D technology can be offered as early as 16 weeks, while classic procedures are offered a number of weeks later.

Waiting to meet the baby can feel like a lifetime!  With today’s 3D/4D technology the wait doesn’t have to be as excruciatingly uninformed as it was in the past. A woman can map out her baby’s cheekbones and features long before she goes into labor. We now, as a bare minimum, have the technology to be consoled with a clear and accurate image of what baby will look like.  The ultimate keepsake – comfort throughout the sometimes seemingly endlessness of pregnancy.

Mothers no longer have to rely on their imagination, playing a guessing game, of what the baby will look like.  With 3D/4D ultrasound technology, no more grainy black and white fuzzy images to frame, now moms have an accurate sneak peek at their baby.  Many parents take this as an opportunity to bond with baby before birth. Having the chance to obtain a clear view of what baby will look like – face, features, family resemblances and knowing the gender can make all the difference in creating a deep and loving bond with their upcoming bundle of joy.

Ultrasound Sonogram Monitor at NYC clinic

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