Pregnancy comes with a lot of behavioral, psychological and physical changes in the body of female. One of them is being very conscious about her baby and making sure every now and then that the baby is healthy and stable. The advancement in the field of medicine and technology have made this much easier giving us ability to allow ‘moms to be’ to see their precious fetus in their belly. For this purpose, 3D ultrasounds are now being done during pregnancy at different time intervals. In a 3D ultrasound exam a wand or transducer is placed on your belly, then, through sound waves multiple 2-dimensional images are taken which are then put together to present the final 3D image of an unborn baby on the computer screen. No doubt, it’s very exciting to be able to see your little one’s face even though it is still in your womb. Plus, these 3D ultrasounds are very beneficial in order to point out any abnormality before birth.

What Is The Best Time For An Ultrasound?

  • The best time to see your baby grabbing its feet or to see its un-felt kicks is during your 14th-18th week of pregnancy. At this time period you will be able to distinguish the baby’s eyes, nose and facial features to some extent. Most 3D sonogram specialists recommend an appointment for a 3D ultrasound during 27th-32nd week of pregnancy. During this stage the cute little baby looks more like they will at birth. As a baby gains weight and fat during the 3rd trimester their facial features are very clear and prominent. Also, this time period is preferred because the baby’s is head-down making it the best time to get a perfect high quality 3D image.

How Do I Prepare For A 3D Ultrasound?

Prepare for the ultrasound by drinking plenty of water about 1-2 weeks before the appointment. This allows the technician to take the best pictures of your baby in the womb. The water helps clear the amniotic fluid and ensures a adequate amount of fluid around the baby. This fluid is a critical element for clear pictures. Make sure to get this done by the 32nd week because waiting too long might deprive you of getting good pictures as the fluid decreases in amniotic sac. The ideal time to get a visual picture of your baby is around 27th-32nd  week of pregnancy.  

Although these ultrasounds are an excellent way of taking a glimpse of your little one, make sure you don’t get over overly excited and have them too often. An excessive amount of ultrasounds are not safe can result in abnormalities such as delayed speech development, epilepsy etc., prevention is better than cure, so, be careful and very knowledgeable about what you do in your pregnancy because at the end the marks will be left on your child.

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