Ultrasounds have become a standard procedure in pregnancies. The technology has advanced rapidly and the results are more accurate and quicker than in the past. With the growth of the need for ultra sounds it has created a need for ultra sounds providers. Thus, the rise in private ultrasound providers. They have several unique benefits over the hospital or public institutions and at the same time are very convenient and economical.


An ultrasound is a noninvasive test that is often done to pregnant women to view the fetus. The machine touches the surface of the skin and produces a sound wave that creates an imagine of beneath the skin. It is extremely useful for testing fetus development and internal organs. Most health care professionals recommend at least two in the duration of a pregnancy. 

This is why there is such a high demand for the procedure today. Technology and availability has improved due in part to private providers. These are clinics that specialize in these tests and providing excellent patient care.
Private providers offer numerous advantages over the public system. First and foremost, their business model depends on the care and procedure. This means they have an incentive to hire professionals that treat the patient the best they can. The do countless tests every day and are trained to recognize complications in the images quickly. The technicians are familiarized with their machines and keep a professional environment. The clinics are often state of the art and comfortable, meaning that they are clean, well decorated and operate in an efficient manner. Most importantly this means the machines are top of the line. Studies have shown the equipment used in private clinics are newer and higher tech than the public counter parts. So, we have the option for the newest 3D, 4D & 5D image and video results of the developing fetus. A typical scan will take just 30 minutes and appointments can be made in a timely manner. The private industry is competitive, so each clinic must strive to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.
A private provider provides better pricing than you probably imagined. Depending on the location is can be as little as $60 up to $400 dollars. This is almost half the cost insurance will pay at a hospital or public setting. Additionally, many providers have many different options for payment, including flexible payment options where it might not be due in one installment.
Pregnancy can be a tiring and difficult process. This does not mean that prenatal test also need to be this way. This day in age we are lucky to have access to safe and effective procedures that permit us to minimize the obstacles throughout our pregnancy.

Did you know that due to the large amount of uninsured residents in NYC the percentage of private ultrasounds in Brooklyn & Bronx, NY is higher than almost any city in the world. With this is mind 3D-4D studio has created special plans that start at only $60.00.
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