What is an ultrasound and how does it work?

Ultrasounds are a routine part of pregnancy, and they can reveal a lot about your baby’s development.

An ultrasound is an imaging technique that shows the shape and position of your baby. Ultrasounds emit sound waves that travel through your body and bounce off the internal organs, tissues, and bones. The echoes then return to a special device where they create an image on a screen for you to see. The depth of imaging varies depending on what type of ultrasound is done:

Why are Ultrasounds Important?

Ultrasounds are a vital diagnostic tool for medical professionals because they provide information about a variety of conditions. They produce images that show the body’s internal organs and tissues. When we use them to examine pregnant women, so we can see their baby and other important details about the pregnancy like the placenta and amniotic fluid levels.

However, with all of the COVID19 restrictions in New York during 2021 there has been an unexpected boom in private ultrasound clinics in NY.

This is due to the simple fact that ultrasounds are supposed to be one of the best parts of your prenatal experience. It is fun, exciting, and a rush of emotions the first time you see your baby on a  3d or 4d ultrasound machine.

But now the family or spouses are unable to accompany the woman during her ultrasound because of safety precautions hospitals must take to keep patients, nurses and doctors safe 

3D/4D Ultrasounds in NY

3D-D Ultrasound Studio is the premier private ultrasound clinic with 1000 5 star reviews. Your ultrasound will be done by a fully certified and experienced ultrasound specialist who takes health and safety at number one. But that doesn’t mean we won’t allow your loved ones to participate in this magical experience.

In fact, we encourage you to make your memories together as a family and share in these special moments. We can even allow you to rent out the party room for 2 hours, so you won’t feel that rush you feel in hospitals because you know they are simply waiting for you to leave and get the next patient it. 

We have been booked and performing ultrasounds for countless women since the restrictions applying to public hospitals have started but we still give you plenty of time to soak in the joys you are destined to feel.

We offer a fully customized and personal experience… And did we mention how FUN it is to see your baby move and smile in the high-resolution 4d ultrasound images? Plus, we are affordable and give you a customized ultrasound that you will remember forever. So don’t miss the memories that you can only experience while you are pregnant. Schedule your private 3d/4d ultrasound with us today!

3D-4D Ultrasound Studio Queens 147-19 Union Tpke, Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 844-2221 https://3d4dstudio.com/

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