Ok folks, so you may have basically realized that the top 10 next generation ultrasound or sonogram machines – whichever lingo you like to use, are pretty indisputable in terms of what you read online. Oh, yes – ultrasound tech has came a long way in the last years and pregnant women all over are really benefiting from it. With that said, the here are the top 10 3D, 4D, 5D ultrasound machines in today’s market:

  1. GE Voluson E10
  2. Philips EPIQ 7
  3. Siemens Acuson S3000
  4. Toshiba Aplio 500
  5. Samsung Medison Accuvix XG
  6. SonoScape S20
  7. Mindray M7
  8. Hitachi Aloka Prosound Alpha 7
  9. Esaote MyLab Twice
  10. Fujifilm SonoSite Edge II


It’s important to note that the best 3D ultrasound machine for one organization or individual may not be the best for another, as the needs and preferences can vary greatly. Factors to consider when choosing a 3D ultrasound machine include image quality, ergonomics, ease of use, advanced features, and cost.

With that said, out of these 10 bad boys – or bad girls to be politically correct, we really loved the lavish, pretty, attractive and technologically advanced SonoScape S20 as well of the coveted and almost picture perfect Samsung Medison Accuvix XG.

So now that the smoke has cleared, let’s get down and dirty and really compare the top variables on these two machine.

  1. Image quality: Both machines are known for their exceptional image quality, but some users may find one to be slightly better than the other. It really depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the user.
  2. Advanced features: The Accuvix XG is known for its advanced features, such as a high-resolution 19-inch LED monitor, a full-page document viewer, and a comprehensive report generator. The S20 is also a feature-rich machine, but it may not have all the same advanced features as the Accuvix XG.
  3. Ease of use: Both machines are designed to be user-friendly, but some users may find one to be easier to use than the other. Factors such as the layout of controls, the user interface, and the ergonomics of the machine can all play a role in ease of use.
  4. Cost: Cost is an important consideration when choosing an ultrasound machine, and the Accuvix XG and S20 can vary significantly in price. The Accuvix XG is typically more expensive than the S20, but it may be worth the extra cost for users who need its advanced features.


In conclusion, these two machines are practically beats of nature when it comes to the ultrasound industry and they do a great job. Any proper ultrasound provider will be sure it’s up to date with the times and providing their patients with levels of image quality that we saw from these two pieces of equipment we reviewed.



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