Let’s start by differentiating it from 2D and 3D. “2D” scans are the traditional ultrasound scans where the image produced is a blurry grey outline. The scan can see right through the baby to show their internal organs. These scans are used by doctors to check things like gender, the gestational age, the baby’s size, and to spot problems early on in the pregnancy.
3D and 4D Ultrasound scans are a more advanced technology which allows you to see the baby’s skin instead of her insides. This allows you to view your baby’s features such as the mouth, nose, ears, and the shape of her eyes. 3D ultrasounds are limited to photos only but 4D ultrasound can provide videos of your moving baby. 4D machines are able to collect images faster than 3D ultrasounds, and provide clearer, more lifelike three-dimensional figures. The uses of 3D and 4D ultrasounds aren’t limited to just allowing you to take some photos and videos home. Some obstetricians will use 3D or 4D ultrasound scans when they have further concerns with the baby. These scans give greater detail about a baby’s limbs, face, and structure. If a doctor suspects a birth defect after taking a 2D pregnancy scan, they may recommend a 3D or 4D scan to know more. 3D and 4D scans are also used to guide doctors if they need to perform a procedure with a pregnant woman.
Ultrasound scans have long been considered safe for pregnancy, 3D and 4D scans release higher levels of energy than 2D scans but there has yet to be any evidence to show that these scans are dangerous. As long as you receive your 4D scan from a trained technician, your baby should be safe from harm.
Remember that word-of-mouth is usually the best method of referral among expectant mothers. Being a trained technician I know that this is a very special moment during a mother’s pregnancy.  The best ultrasound experience will be due to a nice facility, the best equipment, and a professionalism.


Expectant mothers nationwide are seeking elective ultrasounds because they feel it will have a positive impact during their pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that viewing an ultrasound can cause a marked improvement in maternal health habits. Studies presented at an American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) meeting have even supported that 3D ultrasounds will positively benefit parents bond with their babies.
Mothers tend to improve their diets, exercise more, and eliminate harmful behaviors such as smoking or drinking. Other ultrasound benefits may also include increased paternal involvement, family support, empathy, and appreciation.
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