Is the little bundle of joy that is gracefully growing inside of you is starting to make you feel a bit anxious? You may be experiencing “see your baby syndrome”, in which you simply cannot wait any longer for your first real glimpse at your child. very moment you envision seeing the fruit of your womb for the first time, a warm feeling makes your heart glow!

Are you sure you are ready for the ultrasound?

At 18 weeks, 3D imaging ultrasounds (the kind that let’s you see your baby clearly) are okay for you. However, for the best photos on a 3D ultrasound, it’s recommended that you schedule it to take place when you are between 26 and 30 weeks pregnant. It’s during this period that the chances of getting a clearer image of the kid are higher; the face will be looking good and he/she will have moved further into the pelvis.

Two weeks before

  1. Drink lots of water – a week or two early

A week or two before the day of your appointment is when you should start readying yourself for it. And apart from drinking lots of water which will help clear the amniotic fluid and help capture clearer photos, you must begin eating lots of natural sugars. Bananas and cherries should, therefore, form a core part of your diet. Remember, freshly made fruit juice and not-so-sugary and caffeinated drinks are still okay, provided you have a reasonable amount.

  1. Relax and feel as comfortable as possible

Start feeling at ease, even when you are boiling with enthusiasm. A 3D ultrasound is a golden chance to let you see the tiny, lovely kid and because it’s an important procedure, you must relax. Additionally, you must try to avoid a full bladder because it will affect the quality of the 3D ultrasounds.

  1. Book an appointment at a time when the kid’s likely to be awake

By the time you are done with the 19th week, the little one will have developed a specific sleeping pattern. And because you must have figured it out, predicting when he/she is awake shouldn’t be hard. 3D ultrasounds when the kid is asleep aren’t as effective as they are when awake. But if you still arrive when he/she is asleep, just sit and take some orange juice or take a bar of chocolate. If all that fail, just take a walk around until he/she gets up!

On the very day of 3D ultrasounds

You should put on the right pregnancy outfit. You can also phone the doctor and inquire regarding what clothes to wear.

For the most part, insurance doesn’t pay for 3D ultrasounds. So be sure to review private ultrasound pricing to make sure you can afford it.

Other things to consider

3D ultrasound procedure (or Sonography) is not a compulsory test, so don’t feel as if it is so. But it is absolutely safe for you and the child. Just be sure to enlist the services of a professional.

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