What is 3d ultrasound?

An ultrasound is basically an imaging test performed by using special imaging software and sound waves above human hearing range. A 3D ultrasound is a medical technique usually used for fetal, cardiac, trans rectal and trans vascular applications. A 3D ultrasound generates three dimensional images which gives clear and detailed information. A 3D ultrasound is much like taking a picture.

A 3D ultrasound is more advanced as compared to 2D ultrasound. A 3D ultrasound is made from several 2D images, which are making it possible to see a clear image. This is the reason that the 3D version is becoming the international norm.

4D ultrasound are the latest ultrasound technology. The fourth dimension is time. In 4D the images taken are three dimensional, but add the element of time. It is a great pleasure for a parent to see their unborn baby in real time detail.

3d Ultrasounds for Entertainment Purposes:

In recent years, three dimensional and four dimensional sonograms are becoming more popular. Often parents perform these for entertainment purposes or for a more clear picture then they would get at the doctor. The images appear in a golden color so that the features of the baby can be noted clearly, making it easy to see what he or she is doing. For parents, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Who would of thought that in 2017 you can attain 3D ultrasound at the mall and other commercial sites. That’s right, the business world has uncovered the entertainment and profit value of these sonograms. Just remember, it’s for entertainment purposes only. The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) discourages using these for any medical assessments. They are not for diagnostic purposes at all.

Is 3d Ultrasound is Safe or Not?

Past studies have show that there may be a reason to limit the amount of sonograms a woman undertakes during pregnancy, especially if she is at risk for preterm labor.

However, according to many modern day researchers the sonogram is safe as long as it’s performed by an experienced ultrasound technician. Studies have not found any link whatsoever between ultrasounds and a baby’s birth weight, hearing or dyslexia. In conclusion, as long as the machine being used is approved for use by the relevant associations, the technician has undergone proper training and the woman is not at risk for preterm labor one can safely enjoy the benefits of these entertainment ultrasounds.

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