Birthday photo shoots are a creative and fun-filled way to capture all the excitement of birthday events. Many trends in birthday photography have come and gone. Once a hip thing, and before you even blink an eye, you won’t hear much about it again. The cake smash photography is now the new kid on the block, but then, what is exactly so special about this trend? Will it soon fade away like the others?

Usually, smashing cakes may pass as unacceptable for many. After all, cakes are meant to be eaten and not to be destroyed. But yeah, the idea of cake smash photography is that notable trend that you should most definitely try out someday. If you’re still wondering if allowing your one-year-old baby to mess around with cake as we capture the moments is worth it, read on, and you’ll find out.

What Is A Cake Smash Photography?

Cake smashing is the new birthday trend where you let your baby have a small cake all to themselves, especially on their first birthday. At your urging, your baby gets to dig in or smash the cake in his or her front while we capture this photographic moment. The photography session is targeted to capture moments that the child and parents will forever cherish; the joy, laughter, and smiles.

More Than A Photo Session

The cake smash photography is part of a child’s first year’s special moments that need to be captured. This not just a regular birthday photo session; it’s an experience! The cake smash is one of the best times to create and capture memories — memories that you’ll forever share with your child. So give in to the idea today! And when it’s time to go for it, make it count. Moments such as this only need an experienced and professional photographer that can capture the numerous emotions accurately.

It Can Be Messy

One of the primary concerns of most parents is the mess involved. Your little one will always get sweetened, sticky, and messy. But this shouldn’t be an issue at all. There are several ways to contend with this issue. A good cleanup plan is all it takes. So while taking your baby for a cake smash session, bring an extra pair of clothes and bags to take the dirty clothes home. We always keep baby wipes, kitchen paper rolls, brush, and trash bags in the studio.

A cake smash session is all about celebrating your baby’s first birthday. They are all about having fun! Let your baby smash that cake. Have fun as a family. A moment as this is what you would love to capture. What delight it’ll add to the baby’s album! Photos like this will always be part of a great memory you and your child will forever adore.

What Should I Keep In Mind For A Perfect Cake Smash?

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