Pregnancy is one of the most special and important moments of anyone’s life. There is lots of anticipation, nervousness, joy, and sometimes stress. Getting the ultrasounds has been the most exciting time for many women, because it produces an image, heartbeat, and make the situation even more real when you are able to connect visually. Today’s ultra sound machine can produce extreme high quality accurate images of the fetus. Many times, people enjoy the moment, take the images home, and put them with a stack of other pictures they will never look at again. It does not need to be this way and there are countless creative and fun ideas for how to incorporate the ultrasound images into our daily lives.


    One of the most basic and manageable things to do with the image is to include it in your scrap book. Scrapbooks are a big market for pregnancy and early of parenting that including times like, first movements, birth, first steps, etc. Putting the picture in the scrapbook can forever revive the exciting moments you felt in the ultra sounds room. And show the progress with each new ultrasound during pregnancy. Additionally, people include them in family photographs and cards to share with family and friends that they are expecting.

Printing on objects

    Printing these images onto objects we use is another fun thing to do. With a specialty shop that can be found in most shopping malls, the ultrasound can be put on a coffee mug, display pate or similar. Also, these shops can press the images onto clothes like t-shirts and even bibs for the baby to use once he/she arrives. Most arts and crafts stores even sells the material do this at home with an ordinary iron.


    Another popular idea is to frame the image. Photo programs can expand or add cute designs to the image and frames from anywhere can be used to add some style to the image. One very good project include savings the ultrasound, some of the things from the hospital during labor like the hospital ID bracelet, or baby cap and put them together in a 3D shadow box for keepsake.

    An idea gaining popularity is even the parents make a baby shower, to have the picture in the center of a poster board, with room for all the friends and family to sign and write loving messages welcoming the baby into the world.


    Finally, a great idea is to incorporate the ultrasound into jewelry. Locket necklaces or bracelets can be purchased ranging from all price ranges with room inside to put a small picture. This way the mom or parents can keep this beloved image with them in a less conspicuous way. With countless creative ways to keep the ultrasounds, it is certain that everyone can find a method that suits them best.

In conclusion, the evolution of ultrasound machines now allows us to enjoy these precious images on things that we use in our every lives. There is no doubt that printing on objects that we use every day will bring many more smiled to our faces then storing images in the closet.

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