Capturing your baby’s first is always a beautiful time. Yeah, we all know how fast babies grow. Sometimes, we never realize how big our yesterday’s baby has grown until they start asking for pocket money, borrow the car, or get stuck with the teen crises. That said, getting pictures of your babies while they are still small is imperative. Baby photography offers you keepsakes that you’ll always cherish, even long after the baby has grown to an adult.

With the photos of adoring newborns and maternity pictures sprinkled all over social media, you may be tempted to jump on the bandwagon. But before you give yourself all over to this excellent opportunity, be aware of the dangers of hiring a regular photographer. If you must capture every moment before your child grows up, let professionals do it!

Where It All Starts

For most parents, baby photography starts before the baby is born. Once you’re greeted with the pregnancy news, your mind usually races off to all that needs to be done. Both before and after the baby is born—including the maternity photos. Some parents will take ultrasound images of their unborn baby in the womb. Never missing a moment, each moment is duly captured till the baby is born.

After the baby is born, some parents may decide to hire a photographer to photograph their baby. Some start from the hospital, while the very patient ones can wait till their get home. Others will prefer to wait for months. A cake smash photography offers another such opportunity to capture your baby’s moment—a perfect opportunity to capture all endearing poses. These photos will serve as some of your best moments as a parent—the beginning of a new life.

All this requires the photographer to be creative. So I ask again, is this what you should leave to just any photographer to handle? Certainly not!

Safety Is Key

Photographing a newborn baby can be a challenging task. It’s not a job meant for everyone or any photographer. Being professional baby photography means you know much about babies. And being a baby expert is what will always make a huge difference here.

Maternity photography is a specialized genre that focuses on capturing pregnant women (those in the last month or two of pregnancy) and newborn babies. It is one highly specialized area of photography that requires the photographer to know the ins and outs. In cake smash photography, safety is vital.

Why You Must Hire Professionals And Not Regulars

You may love the charming pictures of new babies you see all over the internet, but truth be told, a lot goes into pulling off those adoring pictures. Here are why you should hire a pro.


It takes time to build the knowledge and experience applied in safely achieving those picture-perfect shoots. Your baby’s safety should come first.


The goal is always to capture a beautiful image. A professional photographer knows the right angles, lighting, time, outfits, and props that will give you a timeless piece of artwork.


Newborn baby photography requires hours of education, safety training, and practice to master.

And finally, working with a professional newborn photographer will give you a stress-free experience.

Hiring a professional newborn photographer will undoubtedly give you smashing, breathtaking, and priceless images that your family will cherish forever.

If you care so much about having your baby’s photos looking safe and professional, contact us today to book an appointment at 147-19 UNION TPKE, FLUSHING, NY 11367.

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